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Restaurant Hotel Villa Pasiega

Hotel Villa Pasiega has an excellent cafe that focusses on serving delicious coffees, freshly-squeezed fruit juices and our own hand-made Cantabrian products. The restaurant is based on a buffet service, at both breakfast and dinner, with show cooking and a full menu allowing you to enjoy the best traditional products and dishes from the region.

Restaurant Hotel Los Pasiegos

Hotel Los Pasiegos has two modern areas for eating and drinking and spending time with friends. Our cafe is the starting point for the Los Pasiegos group. It is based on a quick and convenient service, delicious coffees, our traditional home-made products and a non-stop kitchen that offers a wide range of options, creating the perfect meeting point. The restaurant bases its cooking on a new way of using local ingredients, of high quality and produced by ourselves. Our farm breeds cattle of the Wagyu breed, which we use to produce the classic Mc’ Pasiega hamburger.